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About Gabriel Machuret

I started talking about ASO before we even knew that ASO was going to be “ASO” (SEO for Apps by then)… since then, I have written 2 books about ASO, published the best selling course about ASO and spoken in conferences all around the world. 

I have worked with amazing app entrepreneurs, publishers and app creators during the last 6 years and I’m passionate about  app marketing.

I believe companies deserve to understand ASO in an easy, and practical way and that every app company should embrace the importance of organic traffic.

ASO notes has been a private project for the last 12 months and today is open to the public. Join now over 250+  app companies and marketers that the latest updates of ASO notes, every week. 


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ASO notes is run by Gabriel Machuret, ASO consultant and ASO trainer 
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ASO Notes is inspired by SEO Notebook by Steve Toth